Staying Fit to Reduce Your Premiums

Do you want to save money on your income protection policy whilst getting fitter? When you receive a free quote from us, we must take into consideration your Body Mass Index, with customers having a healthier BMI typically saving more money on their policy due to the associated health risks that come with being overweight.

Nearly two-thirds of adults (63%) in England were classed as being overweight (a body mass index of over 25) or obese (a BMI of over 30) in 2015.

In the UK 26% of all adults are classed as obese with 617,000 obesity-related hospital admissions from 2016 to 2017. With an obesity problem amongst us, it is important we keep healthy and active.

Here’s 4 Quick Tips to Lose Weight and Save Money

Track Your Food: Start tracking your food, at least for a certain length of time. Many individuals do not realize all the food and drink that they consume throughout the day, and what that translates to in calories, fat, sugar and protein. We first need to become aware of what we are consuming; then we can try to fix it.

Eat More Fibre and Vegetables: Fruit and vegetables are packed with fibre, but so are beans, legumes and whole grains (whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, barley) to give you some diverse options. An average serving of fruit and vegetables has 3 to 4 grams of fibre.

Women should try to eat at least 21 to 25 grams of fibre each day, while men should aim for 30 to 38 grams a day.

Make a commitment at every meal to have at least one vegetable serving and choose to eat your vegetables first. This way, you always eat the vegetables, which are lower in calories and provide fibre to fill you up.

You could be one of the 1 Million UK workers taking a month or longer off work each year through illness or injury. Just 1 week off work costs the average UK £450, that’s £1800 after a month off! That’s a combined £1.8 billion per year in missed wages!

Change Your Environment: Make the healthy choice the easy choice. For example, put fruit on your counter and move sugary snacks to the back of your pantry. Put on your gym clothes in advance so that there is no additional barrier to overcome when the time arrives. Take stock of how your environment either helps or hurts your goals and try to modify your surroundings to encourage healthy choices.

Bonus Tip: Cut out sugary beverages and limit alcohol! Sugary beverages include soda but also fruit juices, lemonades, etc.

The UK-wide NHS costs attributable to overweight and obesity are projected to reach £9.7 billion by 2050, with wider costs to society estimated to reach £49.9 billion per year, rising from the current £27 billion per year.

Whether you’re fit and healthy already or have a little work to go, you can always inform us of your impressive changes to your BMI and make future changes and savings to your policy anyway!

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